We are not them!

Understanding the user’s first impressions and approaches to your product becomes very valuable in gaining insight on what works or fails. The key in user testing is being able to observe the end-user using your new product while they are thinking out loud.

Our approach

  • Product being tested: Prototype, Site, App.
  • Recruiting - Time permitting, make sure to find testers/people who fit your persona or end-user type.
  • Test Script - Write-up a narrative that explains to the tester what the testing consists of and what the expectations are for the session. Consider writing it in a conversational manner so that they feel comfortable expressing their thoughts and talking out loud. Here’s a script template by Steve Krug.
  • Comfortable atmosphere - Select a location where you and the tester feel comfortable to speak at a normal volume and have no outside sound or visual distractions.
  • Incentives - Be mindful of people’s time and offer them a token of gratitude for participating.


  • Time Constraints
  • Finding Users
  • Clients’ failure to understand the benefit