”A design process starts with struggles against scope, flow and gestalt. - Adaptive Path”

##Overview and why this exercise?

Storyboards help the team tell the story of their personas. As seen in the personas section, these are profiles created of your users. These visual tools tell the story in detail of how, when and where the users would be using the product.

The benefits are as follows :

*They allow for the team to easily add real-world context that involve ambient indicators. *Helps the team and client stay grounded in terms of the reality of the user’s environment. *Gives a canvas to test UI components against real life scenarios.

##Our Approach

Storyboards could potentially take a while depending on the medium and detail of illustration. We like to implement an exercise that Adaptive path has created called Sketchboarding.

Check out the short video on how it’s done:Sketchboards: A Technique for better + Faster UX Solutions


A more indepth look into Storyboarding & UXby Johnny Holland