Competitive or comparative analysis can tell us a lot about industry conventions and how we may differentiate our product from what already exists. This analysis also helps align business with design to define and prioritize product goals.

Why use this exercise?

This exercise shows us how we can improve and differentiate our product from other competitors. We learn a lot by understanding what works or has failed in a existing product. Also shows us how we may use interactions or references from different industry types.

Our approach

Who is our competitor? We start by identifying similar industries and researching the product or methods they currently use. The team needs to establish a metric for business or heuristic features of the competitor’s product you are evaluating.

Use a matrix chart of your choice to visually portray the products disconnects or successes.

How long does this take?

A couple hours depending on the project scope.


We gain an understanding of product or industry setbacks of what has been previously designed. It shows us areas of opportunities for our product.